About us

We source and select the correct factory, negotiate to achieve the most competitive price, organise tooling or moulding if required, organise the branding and artworks, sampling, manufacturing, QC inspections and testing, consolidation and shipment from the factory in China to our customers door.

Custom Sourcing makes what is a laborious, complicated and tiring process very simple for our customers.

Our customer types are:


If the product is something that can be made in China at a competitive price we will have a factory within our current network who can make it. In the very unlikely event we do not know a supplier for an item we will be honest and just tell you and we may even be able to point you in the direction of another company who can help.

Example of some of the Products we are sourcing:

Metal Components
Plastic Components
Advertising Frames
Bathroom Hardware
Paper Cups
Food Packaging
Paper Bags
Promotional Products
Christmas Decorations
Tool / DIY Gardening
Arts and Crafts
Stationary Gift
Storage Handling Products

Meet the Team

Most our staff have been with us for many years, with most our original team now holding senior roles within the company. Please see details below for some of our senior staff. Please feel free to contact any of them at anytime if we can be of service. 

Daniel Luper

Managing Director

With over 13 years’ experience trading with China, Daniel made his first trip to Asia when he was 18 years old. He worked within his family retail business with stores throughout the UK. During these early years Daniel took on a role as a Buyer that included regular trips to China. Daniel was responsible for sourcing and purchasing all core lines within the company both in the UK and China. The business was successfully sold in 2004 and then Daniel helped start up a very successful sourcing company from which Custom Sourcing was launched in July 2007. The company has gone on from strength to strength due to Daniel’s guidance and contacts built up in china over many years. In 2012 Daniel was responsible for the opening off and recruitment in our China office based in Wenzhou. Outside of work Daniel enjoys travelling and during the winter can usually be found up a mountain on the ski slopes or in the summer travelling to an F1 race.

David Luper

Training & Development Manager

David has been travelling to and from China and all over Asia sourcing products for well over 35 years. David has sourced product from China as a Wholesaler, Importer and Retailer so has a vast product knowledge and huge sourcing experience. In 2012 David successfully retired as Buying Director of a huge national chain of over 300 retail stores, but very quickly became bored and missed trading with China. He decided he wanted to work 3 days a week so Daniel asked if he would consider doing this for Custom Sourcing. David agreed and with his experience he took the role on of training all our new staff. This included training staff within our product sourcing team here in the UK and China. David decided in late 2014 to stop travelling to China however still trains our product sourcing team here in the UK. He now has a second role which is development of business with new customers. Outside of work David is a keen Newcastle United fan and attends most the matches. He also enjoys to holiday with regular visits to his holiday home in Spain.

Martin Smith

Product Sourcing Team Manager

Born and bred in Newcastle Upon Tyne Martin has been working with Daniel for a number of years. Martin worked alongside Daniel during his retail business days and so a mutual respect and friendship was made for each other. Martin was finally approached in 2010 by Daniel to come and join his business and Martin happily accepted. Although Martin already had many years product sourcing experience he was given further training by Daniel and then David during numerous trips to China. This gave Martin a very good way of seeing how China operated meaning he could take this experience and deploy it within his everyday role which in the early days was working under Daniel. As the business has grown so has the need for us to build our sourcing team. In 2014 Martin was promoted to Product Sourcing Team Manager and given full responsibility to oversee all product sourcing requirements for our customers. He also takes some of his team on China sourcing trips so they can also learn from the same experiences he has been given and thereby making our team stronger. Outside of work Martin is a member of a bowls team which plays on a regular basis and he also enjoys to DJ at events.  


Kelly Godfrey

Operations Team Manager

Kelly started working with Custom Sourcing in 2009 after moving from London to Newcastle. Kelly started part time with the company as this suited her requirements at the time while getting settled after her move. It became apparent very quickly that Kelly would become a key member of Custom Sourcing as her hard working ethic, and popularity with customers and suppliers quickly came through. After quickly getting an understanding of the company in 2010 Kelly was offered a full time role at Custom Sourcing as Operations Team Manager. This team is responsible for all procedures from when an order is placed with the factory. They look after managing the production space, payments to factories, manufacturing, quality control, shipment and delivery. This team is contactable at all times between Mondays to Friday during office hours. Outside of work Kelly is a member of many theatrical groups and has performed at famous festivals such as the Fringe in Edinburgh. 

Philip Hu

China Office Manager

Daniel first met Philip in 2002 during his first trip to China. At the time Philip was working as a sales manager for one of Daniel’s suppliers. Not only did a successful business relationship materialise but as Philip and Daniel are similar ages a friendship emerged that has now lasted for 13 year’s. Daniel has travelled on holiday with Philip in China and Philip has also been to visit Daniel in the UK and Europe many times. During the years that followed their first meeting Philip was promoted within his company to division general manager. When Daniel decided in 2011 that it was important to have our own office in China instead of relying on third party companies he approached Philip to see if he would help open and then run it. Philip agreed and after working his notice 6 months later the office opened in Wenzhou close to where Philip lives. Under Philip he now has a team of 5 people who are all Mandarin and English speaking therefore making communication easy. The office has 3 main responsibilities which are quality control, factory inspections and audits. The China team and our UK operations team work very closely together so that our customers are fully informed on order developments. So far 2 of Philips team have visited us in our UK office and we plan to make sure the rest of our China team come to the UK within the next 12 months. This is something we are proud to do as the excitement when the 2 teams meet is extraordinary because they get to meet colleagues they work with on a daily basis.